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Vladan Mlinar's nanorecon paper

How to reconcile partial structural representations from experiment and theory? Read more

Vladan Mlinar's inverse design paper

Available strategies of utilizing inverse approach to design materials over nano- to macro-scale. Read more

Vladan Mlinar's graphs paper

Topological mapping of a large physical system on a graph, and its decomposition using universal measures; finding inherent limits for optimization. Read more...

Vladan Mlinar's nanosolar

Understanding how to engineer nanomaterials for targeted solar-cell applications is the key to improving their efficiency. Read more...

Vladan Mlinar's paper role of theory

What is the role of theory in the design of semiconducting nanostructures? Read more

(i) Development of theoretical and computational methodologies for understanding electronic structure and charge carrier transport in semiconducting, metallic, and graphene based nanostructures;

(ii) Discovering new nano-systems that could potentially lead to game-changing technologies. I combine quantum-mechanical models and artificial-intelligence methods to enable deliberate design of nanostructures with target physical properties by searching large spaces of materials and geometries in a sophisticated, a priori, targeted manner.

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